How A Simple Idea Made Me A Rich Information Marketer

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Do you want to know how a simple idea made me a rich information marketer? When you’re trying to find out how to make money online as an information marketer, it can be an absolute nightmare.

But how did I do it?

For those that are new to my blog, my name is Ahmed Mukaila, one of Nigeria’s 6 figures earners in the information marketing industry.

I know your story. I have been there before.

You have tried to make money online selling products but to no avail. You have attended so many coaching programs that seem to be the solution, read so many blog posts, downloaded so many free eBooks, but the results you got wasn’t what you were expecting.

Bother yourself no more. I am about sharing with you the exact formula I use to sell any information products online and how you too can do likewise.

I’ve been selling information products for years now, and it definitely has a LOT of benefits. As an information marketer, you get to work when you want, where you want and with who you want. You don’t spend money in producing information products, unlike physical products that involve time and money to build.

With a Microsoft Word program and an internet connection, you can create any product of your choice and sell to your audiences. It will only take much of your time when you are preparing your products (eBooks, videos, coaching course etc.) at first, but when you are done, you relax and start smiling to the bank.

The best part is that even if you don’t know how to create your own products, you can still sell other people’s products (affiliate) and get a commission from the sales of those products through your affiliate link.

If you are looking to quit your day job for good and start an online business, then I will say that the best option is becoming an information marketer and join the majority of people raking in money on a daily basis.

So, what is the formula to sell any information products online?

  1. Find a Niche

For you to become a successful information marketer, the first thing is for you to find a niche. Not just any niche but a niche with high demands. Find a niche that people are willing to spend their money to help solve their problems.

Problems like how to make money, dating, health, and fitness are top niches that so many information marketers are creating products around to make money in online business because of their high demands.

Your niche should be around something that you have good knowledge about. Don’t choose a niche you can’t act as a consultant in. Your niche should be related to what you have passion about.

  1. Do Your Research on the Niche

This is where most information marketers get it wrong and fail in their business. they don’t research, they just find a niche, create a product and start selling. When they don’t get people to buy their products, they start saying they have been a scam and they give up.

After choosing your niche, you need to conduct a research to see if the market is still profitable to enter or not. It is also called, ‘finding a hungry market’.

A hungry market is a group of people that share similar problems you will be helping to solve with your products. The bigger the problem, the higher your chance of making a lot of money helping them solve it.

  1. Build a List of People You Want to Serve

This is where your money is. This is where you will be generating your money from the sales of your products. You will need to find these people that you want to serve and gather them in one place, communicate with them and build a relationship with them using exclusive contents.

People only buy from who they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST. So, it is your job to do that. After you have built a strong bond between you and your list, you can then start making a recommendation of products or selling your own products to them.

The bigger your subscribers, the more money you can make from your list.

Those are the steps! Three simple steps.

These three simple steps are the magic formula that you will need to master to become rich as an information marketer.

Let me now lie to you.

This three step involves so many processes and stages. I did not talk about you getting a blog, landing page, signing up for an email marketing services to create a signup form for your subscribers, the offer you will use to get them sign up to your list, how you will build trust and how to go about the selling process.

These are the processes hidden in these three simple formula that you will need to master and then start seeing results from your sweat.

Because I know there are so many people out there who will like to make money as an information marketer, I created a community where I teach, answer questions, help solve problems regarding product creation, email list building and much more.

If you know you would like to join, here is the link (LINK).

I will be waiting for you at the other side with answers to your questions if you will want to ask.


To Your Success

Mukaila Ahmed